Two years ago

Two years ago. The fastest. Two years of our lives. Yet, the slowest. Days of our lives. But the sky, the London sky, quickly gets gloomy. Sooner than anyone realizes. In half an hour. The sun disappears. We get spring. Autumn. And winter in one day. Yet, they are. Still. Slow. A competition between weather and time. Hours and transports. But we walk fast. Everyone walks fast. On the streets. Crossing the road. Leaving the tube. As if the day is about to end. When in fact it goes smoothly. Slower. And slower. What do Londoners run against to? Certainly not the rain. Perhaps darkness. Their darkness. Above us, planes depart. Unnoticed. Except by the ones from afar. The ones that don’t belong. The ones that just arrived. Two years ago.


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